Scene 04: The Woods

Set deep in the woods, Anna and Charlie come across a new companion…

What ideas do you have for a dance in the woods?

Watch Kira dancing in the woods.

Notice how her movements connect with the sky and the tops of the trees, and also with the strength of the ground and what’s happening underneath the earth…the roots growing and making their own paths.

Listen to the music. Notice how the different sounds connect with the sky and the tops of the trees, and with the ground, just like the movement does.

Can you tell the different energies? The sky and treetops movements have a lighter, softer energy, and the earth and tree roots movements have a heavier, stronger energy.

Learn some of Kira’s movements 

Choose some of Kira’s movements and learn them.

Which ones connect with the sky and the treetops?

And, which ones connect with the ground and the travelling roots? Add some more of your own.

Make sure there are differences in your energy so that you can show the contrast between the lighter and the stronger movements.

Decide which order you would like to perform your sky and earth movements in your dance. Put them together and practise your dance.

You could….

….find a woodland to make and perform your dance…

…teach others your dance or make the dance together with some friends…

…choose your own music which has lighter sounds and deeper sounds…or make your own sounds in the woods…

Think about where your audience could be. Could they be watching from different places?