Scene 07: Sea Breeze

Join Anna, Charlie and Kira as they go exploring on the hill tops as the sun goes down…

What story is the breeze whispering to you?

The next time you’re in the park, on up a hill or in a high or open space, notice the breeze. What direction is it coming from? How strong is it? Feel the breeze and allow it to guide where you travel.

Stop every so often and listen to what it might be saying, or where it might be suggesting you move to next. Is it moving you forwards, backwards or around? Where on your body can you feel the breeze or the wind the most? Is it pushing against one part of your body?

Let it take you on a breezy dance. Keep your eyes open and watch where it’s taking you!

You could

…write a story or a poem about the breeze as a reminder of your time with it.

…note down important words or feelings about your time with the breeze and compare it to what happens next time.

…build a diary or a story of you and the breeze.

…write a story from the perspective of the breeze and how it feels when it meets a human or when humans get in its way!