Scene 02: Sand Shadows

Set on a sunny sandy beach, you join Charlie and Anna as they have some fun with their own shadows…

Where’s your shadow dance and how will you tell it?

On a sunny day go outside and notice where the sun is casting its shadows. Are the shadows on the ground, against a wall, in between objects?

Go to a place with the sun behind you. Begin to move your arms, or your legs – or both – and look at the different shadows the sun creates from the shapes and movements that you make.

What’s interesting or funny about them? What happens when two of you move together, side by side, or one behind the other?

Explore making your movements really big and really small.

Focus on just moving your hands. Move them slowly and smoothly. What does that look like or feel like?

Now move your hands quickly, reaching in different directions.

How else could you move? How can you make your shadows bigger or smaller, or narrower or wider?

You could…

…make shapes like different creatures

…make smooth or crashing waves like water

…create a shadow story from the different ideas you’ve explored

Exploring Inside…

You can explore more shadows indoors, using a torch. You’ll probably need at least two people for this – one to move and one to shine the torch.

What happens when you move the torch around the movement that’s being made? Where do the shadows go?

If you move the torch closer to the person moving or further away from them, how does this change the size of the shadow?

You could…

…add other objects

…tell a story that moves around the room

…give the torch a character