Scene 08: Walk, Talk, Imagine

Join Anna, Charlie and Kira as they stomp along the cliff tops, exploring what they see, hear and feel…

What can you see, hear and feel on your nature adventure?

Choose somewhere in nature to go for a walk with others. Places that are high up where you can see far in the distance and close by will give you lots to connect with.

As you’re walking, what you can hear? …birds chirruping in the sky…the stomping of your feet on the ground…the rustling of the leaves in the wind…?

What else? Are they loud sounds, faint sounds, far away or nearby? Can you tell what’s making the sounds? Or do you need to imagine?

Notice what you can see. Some things will be close up, some much further away. Can you see just part of something, or the whole of it? Do you know what the rest of it looks like? Or can you make something up?!

When you’re moving, or paused for a moment, notice what your body is feeling. Can you feel the wind whoosh past your cheek? Does the tip of your nose feel a bit cold? What about the sun? Is it out, and warming a part of your body?

Take it in turns to tell each other what you see, hear or feel, and what it makes you imagine or think about.

Here are a few ideas you could use to start with.

I can see…..and it looks like….and it makes me feel…

I can hear…and it reminds me of….and I feel…

I can feel…the breeze, or rain drops, or the cold, or the warmth of the sun…or the coolness from the shadows, perhaps?…and I imagine…

Together you could create a poem, and add some movements to express the words