Scene 10: Hand Stories Collection

Set on a tree stump in the woods, and on a rock by the sea, Charlie and Anna tell each other stories using their hands…

What’s the little story of your big adventure?

Create a story about a journey through nature

Imagine a place in nature. This place could be peaceful, or have mystery, or be dark and creepy…

What does it look like? Describe what’s there. rocks, trees, stars, water, clouds..?

What time of day is it? early morning, at midnight, after lunch?

What kind of adventure could happen in this place? …finding treasure, meeting with friends, a midnight feast, spotting something rare, building a look-out den…?

Who is going on that adventure..? …you, other people, creatures…?

Write or record your story.

What happens in the end? Is it a cliff-hanger? Is there another episode or chapter…? Is the quest completed..? What was discovered..? Will we ever know…?

Choose 6 to 8 parts of your story that feel important to you.

Find a place to sit with something to lean your hands on – like a mini-stage.

Tell the different parts of the story using your hands on your mini-stage. Practise so you can remember it.

How can you share it with others?

You could record it, or teach it to someone, or ask someone to pick out other parts of the story and have a hand conversation with them about the story.