Scene 03: Giants’ Rumble

Join Charlie and Anna as they stomp and jump like giants in the woods…

Where will rumble like a giant?

Imagine a giant! How big, and strong, and serious might they be? Try this out with your body. How can we be big, strong, and serious?

Where do you think the giant might be going?

…through the woods?

…to its cave?

…to brush their teeth?

What’s the giant looking for?

…some friends?

…the sea?

…its giant pet squirrel?

Let’s imagine we’re giants!

Make yourself as big as a giant, as strong as a giant, and with serious searching eyes like a giant.

What are YOU looking for?

OK! Let’s get ready to find it!


 …leaving big footprints, pushing away tree branches and splashing through the river…

What else will you do? …stop and look around …look under a giant leaf …shout as loud as you can …let out a giant sneeze


Giants Play Tag (7yrs +) (adults love this game!)

This is like the game of tag you’ll already know but with a few changes to the rules.

The rules for Giants Play Tag are:

ONE! – you can only make big movements

TWO! – you can only move one part of your body at a time (for example, with a reach, or a step, or turning your head to look)


THREE! – you have to move reeeeeeeaaaally slowly

You could add new rules to your game by…

…starting sitting, lying, on your front or back

…only moving sideways

…each having a number and taking turns in order

…take out the ‘tag’ rule and explore moving over, under and around each other in big, slow motion movements